10 Facts PR Influencers Know to Be True (part 1)

1. PR is no longer a linear process.

In the past, PR professionals pitched the media and threw events with little proof of how PR moved the needle. Today’s PR strategies are more iterative, forming a continuous loop where outcomes are measured and insights are frequently incorporated back into the strategy.

2. Apply critical thinking before fulfilling the “ask”.

3. PR and marketing are converging.

PR professionals and marketers alike are beginning to see PR attribution as a mandatory mechanism for accurate marketing measurement. “In most instances, PR professionals only see about 5% of the traffic and actions their PR drives because traditional marketing attribution only tracks PR mentions when there is a link,” said Iliff. “We created technology that tracks all mentions, not just when there’s a link back to the company’s website.”

4. The narrative is now primarily owned by the brand.

“Based on our data, some brands are starting to see more traction with their owned media than their earned media,” said Iliff. “Technology has largely enabled this.” To take advantage of the rise of owned media, large companies must build in-house teams of digital storytellers.

5. Skill diversification is career insurance for today’s PR professionals.

It pays to be a good writer if you work in PR, but having baseline knowledge of digital marketing tactics is powerful too. “Will every PR professional be versed in everything from domain authority to SEO?” said Furey, “Probably not.” But having a greater understanding of the various parts of PR that fuel the marketing funnel is a great start, she explained.

(to be continued….)

source: airlyPR.com

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