5 Tips for PR entrepreneurs from independent agency pros

Nowadays, people are tend to choose entrepreneur world, which is that interesting. There are so many categories for entrepreneur, and PR entrepreneur is one of them. So here is 5 tips for you from independent agency pros. Check this out!


Robert Bauer, 
asoluto (Vienna, Austria)

“Consciously change your mindset from being a PR professional to being a business leader. It means a much broader and multi-faceted challenge, and also requires additional skills: e.g., in human resource development and entrepreneurial decision-making. Making decisions for clients as their PR counsel is something different than making decisions for your own company.



Sandy Lish, The Castle Group (Boston, MA, USA)

“Relationships are everything. This is a service business and people are the most important element of your work. Work hard to build, nurture and maintain relationships within and beyond your agency. Be a good corporate citizen, meaningfully engage with the civic and business community, and treat your clients, employees and vendors well.”


Ralph Katz, CooperKatz & Company, Inc. (New York City, NY, USA)

“Know deep in your heart the reason why you are starting a PR agency. Have passion for your mission and feel secure about your decision. Without that, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty of starting from scratch and performing at such a high level hour after hour, day after day, year after year.”


Aaron Blank, The Fearey Group (Seattle, WA, USA)

“Get inspired by other industries. Attend conferences that are not PR-centric. Go where your competitors are not! Find those holes and innovate. And always be on the hunt for new business and new staff. You are always hiring no matter what cycle you are in.



Christina Rytter, Scandinavian Communications (Copenhagen, Denmark)

“You become a really great leader when you have the courage to be yourself. To trust yourself and your own ideas. Don’t be afraid to take chances or to make mistakes. It’s in the hard times that you learn the most, in both business and private life. The more you trust in yourself, the more authentic your leadership.”


Layth Dajani, The Content Factory (Dubai, UAE)

“Become a journalist first. That was one of the most important experiences I’ve ever had in my career. Fine tuning your writing and analytical skills, and understanding what goes into a good story will help in developing messaging and delivering compelling story angles when working in PR. These basic skills are essential to career growth in PR.”

What do you think? What advice would you give PR pros ready to strike out on their own, peeps? Share with us!

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