Internet – The Beginning of Digital PR

You know, when we go to a supermarket in Indonesia, sometimes we have a problem with choosing a product because one type of products has so many brands. Shampoo product in one supermarket has 50+ different brands (or maybe more?). Because of this, the competition between brands is getting higher too. And this thing makes me wonder:

 “How the company differ their product from other products?”

That is why, many companies and organizations start using PR services. As the companies grow bigger and have so many public they have to handle and manage, the image and reputation of the company become extremely important. Each brand should have some uniqueness and should be able to differentiate themselves from other brands. That is one reason why PR roles is getting more crucial. The bigger your companies grow, the more they need PR to maintain their image and reputation.

But, as the world changes, PR is changing too. PR is dynamic, PR can changes anytime. In this digital era, traditional PR is not too effective anymore. We can call it out-of-date. WHY??? Because nowadays, people, are desperately crazy about getting their hands on handphone and the internet. We don’t have to walk for 2 blocks to talk and see our friends but we just need one click on social media. It is so amazing, right? The Internet is such a wonderful tool for education, work, information, and play that sometimes we wonder how we survived before this. By 2014, 46,1% population in this world are internet users and this number is still growing every year.

“That is why Digital PR is going to be the future PR to adapt with today’s digital environment.”

Digital PR is most likely about online presence and who’s not online today? Almost everyone is online right now. As a Public Relations student in this era, I really aware about the importance of digital PR. Digital PR can be a perfect tools to reach a more suitable target audience from a digitally environment. From what I have learnt, if you can make the right content for digital PR, you can construct the public perception and change the public opinion about your companies or organizations.

Hnow the world and people changing in the future, PR is going to change as much as the world and the people. But for now, I think digital PR is the right tools and the most effective ones to approach the public. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go digital!

By: Laurensia

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